/// Information Diet: Cheryl Hines

September 30, 2011  |  Media Week

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? I definitely look at my emails and texts before I do anything. What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table? I usually don’t have time to watch anything if I’m working. But if I can, I’ll watch the Today show or read The New York Times . What occupies your mind in the car, on the subway, train, or bus? It’s a good time to catch up with my family on the phone—hands-free, of course! And I just got satellite radio so I can listen to The Stephanie Miller Show . Are you a TV junkie or on an airtime-restricted diet? I’m on a pretty restricted diet. It seems like it would be magical to sit around and eat Doritos and watch TV all day. But I don’t have time, so I have to pick and choose. If you’re a couch potato, what do you watch, and how: TV, laptop, or tablet? I like Mad Men , The Good Wife , Modern Family , and Hung on HBO. And then sometimes—and I really shouldn’t admit to this—I watch Dancing With the Stars . I usually end up weeping because they’re trying so hard, and I just think it’s sweet. And now Ricki Lake is going to be on. I play poker with her sometimes, so I’m dying to see her take that thing. Before bed, do you bite into a novel, graze on Twitter, or fast until morning?

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Information Diet: Cheryl Hines

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