/// Are Zynga’s Second-Quarter Results Anything to Worry About?

September 30, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Are Zynga’s revenues trending in the wrong direction? In the second quarter, Zynga said its “bookings,” which are sales recorded during the same three-month period, dipped 4 percent. Additionally, it said three million fewer people played their games on a daily basis than in the previous quarter. After the company’s updated IPO filing was released last week, critics have been dissecting the results and coming to the conclusion that the drop in bookings is a sign of things to come. So, is it? Probably not. In fact, the San Francisco social games company, which is seeking to raise $1 billion in the public markets, may be gearing up for its second wind. In the first half of the year, Zynga launched only one major game — Empires & Allies — to break a five-month hiatus. Since then, it has moved quickly, announcing two other major releases: Adventure World and Mafia Wars 2. In addition, it has launched a number of minor releases, including an expansion to FrontierVille, as well as Words With Friends, which was brought over to Facebook from mobile. It has also launched two titles on Google’s new games network, and it is making a big announcement on Oct.

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Are Zynga’s Second-Quarter Results Anything to Worry About?

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