Tech Madison Avenue Coming October 12th

/// Tech Madison Avenue Coming October 12th

August 30, 2011  |  Blog


Technology and digital media have come to define our modern world. With the likes of smartphones and social media playing integral roles in our everyday lives, it was only a matter of time before they evolved into a powerful marketing medium. After a muted initial reaction to the changing media space, agencies are beginning to recognize the growing need for collaboration between brands and new tech platforms in the fields of Mobile, Social Media and Online Video.

With that in mind, TalkNYC is readying itself for Round 3 of its 2011 series. This talk round will examine the relationship between brands and tech platforms of all kinds, where our speakers will seek to show how both are working together to make the experience of the customer/user more enjoyable and free of complication, and to achieve mutually satisfying business results.

It is certain that such a collaborative effort is necessary as the space evolves, because without brand direction it is inevitable that the user experience will devolve, and at the same time brands need access to the burgeoning new media audience as traditional mediums begin to fall into sharp decline. The merits of collaborative development have already been proven; bridging the divide between Mobile and Social, Pepsico has helped Foursquare grow from 1 million users to 10 million in the space of a year.

From tech investors to Madison Avenue executives, Round 3 will provide a multi-faceted perspective  on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for brand-tech collaborations. Taking our inspiration from the structure of the tech market as it stands today, the talk will cover the three crucial areas of Mobile, Social Media and Online Video and show how brands are successfully co-opting these platforms.

Featured speakers include:

Andrew Olson, Chief Operating Officer of Comcast Convergent Products Group

David Shulman, President of Wunderman in New York

Mike Wehrs, CEO of Scanbuy

Marc DeBevoise, General Manager at CBS Interactive

Sonpreet Bhatia, Co-Founder of MyCityWay

Stephanie Bauer, Associate Director of Verizon Mobile Advertising

Bonin Bough, Chief Digital Officer at Pepsico

Jeff Ratner, EVP Digital Director, ZenithOptimedia

Paul Gelb, Vice President, Mobile Practice Lead at Razorfish among others

About TALK Our 2011 programme of Rounds are designed to map the rapidly-approaching future, and changing cultural and business landscape, of the media, entertainment, technology and advertising sectors.  With insights from some of the most incisive emerging minds in these industries, TALK NYC’s carefully curated conversations will provoke, incite and entertain.  TALK NYC provides an intimate forum for the exchange of ideas among those passionately and actively engaged in the advertising, media, entertainment and tech industries.

Marketing Partners: Frankkurt Kurnit Klein & Selz  PC, Corbis Images, Wunderman, Mashery, Janrain, Pingg, Guest of a Guest, Crosby Street Hotel

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