/// First Mover: Anderson Cooper

August 22, 2011  |  Media Week

What prompted your move to daytime TV? At the age of 44, I felt like I wanted to get more out of life. And laugh more and learn more and get more out of each day. And I want that for viewers as well. It allows me to go in-depth on topics which don’t necessarily fit on a newscast. Has working with Oprah and Regis fueled your desire to do your own daytime program? I don’t know that it fueled it. It made me understand the connection one can have with viewers, and it’s a very satisfying connection. It can be a very real and authentic and human connection. And I like that. It’s hard to imagine Morley Safer doing a daytime program. Yeah, it’s interesting, you know Morley Safer paints

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First Mover: Anderson Cooper

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