/// Here’s What An iPad Looked Like in 1994 (Video)

August 13, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Yesterday we saw what AT&T thought the future would look like , way back in the early 90s. Pretty accurate! Today we can see what newspaper publisher Knight Ridder thought about future, way back in the early 90s. Also accurate! Except for an important part it got wrong. Here’s a Knight Ridder-produced video from 1994, where the publisher imagines a world where people consume their news on something very, very similar to an iPad. The tech specs kick in around the 2:20 mark (thanks very much, Richard Raucci ): Tablets will be a whole new class of computer. They’ll weigh under two pounds. They’ll be totally portable. They’ll have a clarity of screen display comparable to ink on paper. They’ll be able to blend text, audio, and graphics together. And they’ll be a part of our daily lives around the turn of the century. We may still use the computer to create information, but we’ll use the tablet to interact with information, reading, watching, listening. Prescient, no? I don’t knock them for being about a decade early on tablet adoption. Can’t get everything.

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Here’s What An iPad Looked Like in 1994 (Video)

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