/// Did Facebook’s Redesign Just Bring Back Viral Spam?

August 12, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Facebook has  launched a major redesign for games , bringing back some viral components that were turned off after users complained about random alerts cluttering their news feeds. The updates were announced Thursday evening, just hours after Google unveiled its games network that offers game makers a larger cut of the revenues than Facebook does . Facebook’s new features will likely be favorable to developers, who are constantly looking for new ways to get players to discover their games, but it’s questionable how the social network’s audience will react. It’s been more than a year since Facebook shut off developers’ ability to post messages to people’s walls — messages that asked friends to help look for their lost cow or plow their crops. When users complained, Facebook cracked down significantly, which made it much more difficult for developers to find new players for their games. Meanwhile, Google announced today that it is trying hard to contain all game activities to a particular tab under a user’s profile to steer clear of ever being accused of spamming a person’s communication flow. Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product for Google+, told me that there’s a name for unwanted solicitations: Spam

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Did Facebook’s Redesign Just Bring Back Viral Spam?

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