/// Is ‘Mad Men’ Killing AMC’s Other Shows?

August 4, 2011  |  Media Week

Has AMC’s big spending on Mad Men eaten up the rest of the cable network’s programming budget? This past spring, after a nasty, drawn-out negotiating process, AMC offered Mad Men show-runner Matthew Weiner a new contract in order to keep him on board for at least two more seasons—and he’ll receive nearly $10 million for each one. Now, the people behind AMC's other critically acclaimed programs are complaining that Mad Men ’s massive expenses are taking a chunk out of their own paychecks , according to the Los Angeles Times . In the last two weeks, the network has pushed for cuts to both Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead . When AMC attempted to cut the upcoming season of Breaking Bad from its usual 13 episodes down to just 6 or 8, the show’s studio, Sony Television, was so angry that it began shopping the series to other cable networks. (Since then, AMC and Sony have reportedly attempted to negotiate a new deal). The network is also pinching pennies on The Walking Dead , slashing about $250,000 per episode for the second season. Last week, the show’s executive producer Frank Darabont was replaced just days after he appeared at Comic-Con to promote the new season, leading to speculation that he was forced out over budget disputes. Meanwhile, AMC has put a halt to the production of any new series.

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Is ‘Mad Men’ Killing AMC’s Other Shows?

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