/// Epix Honors William Shatner’s Finest Hour With ‘The Long Khan’

August 4, 2011  |  Media Week

Those who appreciated the simple joy of the Eternal Moonwalk tribute to Michael Jackson will love The Long Khan, honoring William Shatner. A user-generated video collection launched by the Epix cable network to advertise Shatnerpalooza (a 48-hour Shatner marathon and new documentary), The Long Khan is a loving sendup of one of the most infamous overacted moments in Shatner’s long career—that part in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan when he screams “Khaaaaaaannn!” (see below) and every self-respecting human erupts in inopportune laughter at the climax of the movie. Many of the videos seem to have been shot at comic conventions, judging by the costumes and admission tags hanging around necks—a smart venue to promote a week about the heartthob of cheesy sci-fi and the emperor of odd enunciation, William Shatner. Upload your own video, or just enjoy the never-ending Khan as it screams its way across your screen.

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Epix Honors William Shatner’s Finest Hour With ‘The Long Khan’

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