/// Did You Get Your System Administrator a Cake Today?

July 29, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Okay, so today’s Friday, which is always good, but did you know that it’s also System Administrator Appreciation Day? What? You didn’t get a cake or something nice for your sysadmin, your poor, hardworking system administrator who pulls all those crazy work hours to make things run smoothly? I mean that dude or dudette who cheerfully resets your password every few days because you haven’t the brain cells to remember it. Why, shame on you. Yes, System Administrator Appreciation Day exists and has since about 2002. Naturally, the folks in Google’s Enterprise division, the people who bring you Google Apps, have something to say about it . Google Apps, you see, are all about making the lives of sysadmins easier or more productive so they can focus on more important things than the mundane task of resetting passwords. It also frees them to come up with silly dances in response to the occasional Google April Fool’s prank. If I were a sysadmin, I’d rather have the cake, but that’s just me. Anyway, to all you system administrators out there: Happy System Administrators Appreciation Day! (Image from Wikipedia .)

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Did You Get Your System Administrator a Cake Today?

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