/// AOL Nearly Ready With Editions: The App for When You Crap

July 29, 2011  |  All Things Digital

For nine months now, AOL has been working on Editions by AOL — an online magazine for the iPad. It’s designed to sit somewhere between the Daily and Flipboard, offering a mix of personalized and broadly aimed content from both AOL and non-AOL sources. And the app is almost ready, at least according to the toilet paper inside the company’s restrooms. “The App for When You Crap … Coming Soon … editions.com,” reads the light blue print on all the rolls supplied in AOL’s bathrooms. It’s not often you hear the word crap used when promoting a product, but it is oddly refreshing. AOL employees are also having fun with the TP promotion. Mobile boss David Temkin (whom I recently interviewed on stage ) arrived to work on Friday to find his desk and chair covered with the stuff. The potty-oriented nickname for Editions was used in a YouTube video earlier this year, a video that has since gotten more than 10,000 views (including, I’m told, nearly everyone at AOL). For more on Editions, check out this story based on a sneak peek AllThingsD got of the product in March .

AOL Nearly Ready With Editions: The App for When You Crap

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