/// Blogger’s Claim That CNN’s Morgan Knew of Hacking Falls Short

July 26, 2011  |  Media Week

The English blogger who has, for weeks, been accusing Piers Morgan of involvement in the ballooning U.K. hacking scandal, now says he is sitting on a recording in which Morgan admits as much. According to Forbes media writer Jeff Bercovici, Paul Staines, the editor of a popular right-leaning British blog called Guido Fawkes, claimed to have a recording that “contradicts [Morgan’s] recent claims” that he had no knowledge of any hacking by reporters working under him during his tenure as a tabloid editor. But it now turns out that the recording is far less provocative than Staines claimed it was . Morgan, who worked for Rupert Murdoch as editor of The News of the World in 1994, before taking the top job at competitor tabloid The Daily Mirror in 1995, where he served until he was fired in 2004 (after photos the Mirror published depicting British soldiers allegedly abusing Iraqi prisoners were proven to be fake ), has denied that any hacking took place by reporters working under him. As Bercovici points out, most recently, Morgan told The New York Times,

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