/// As CEO Bartz Fiddles With Turnaround, Yahoo’s Stock Value Burns

July 21, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Yahoo — which turned in yet another disappointing quarter on Tuesday, but with all new excuses for the continuing decline in revenue — is now getting toasted by Wall Street. That would be the marshmallow — and not the champagne — kind. The stock of the Internet giant dropped below $14 a share, to close at $13.48 yesterday, after the company said its display advertising business in the U.S. was hard hit. Today, it’s already down even further. That’s close to an eight percent haircut for the past two days and a decline of 20 percent for the past three months. In that same three months, Google is up over 13 percent, Microsoft is up over five percent, Amazon is up over 17 percent and Apple is up 13 percent. You get the general idea here. The decline means Yahoo’s market value is now only $17.5 billion, and more than two-thirds of that value is accounted for by its Asian assets (more than $9 billion) and cash ($3.3 billion). That means its other assets are worth just above $5 billion now. And while CEO Carol Bartz tried again in a conference call with analysts after the earnings were released to portray the situation as another part of her never-ending turnaround of the company, the issues at Yahoo are not new

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As CEO Bartz Fiddles With Turnaround, Yahoo’s Stock Value Burns

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