/// Anonymous Hacks NATO, Steals Lame Documents

July 21, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Is it finally a Cyberwar? Not likely. The hacking group Anonymous claimed via its Twitter feed to have breached servers belonging to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization military alliance that has largely been responsible for the military defense of Europe since the end of World War II. So far, three PDF copies of documents the group claimed to have taken in the attack were circulating on the site http://pdfcast.org/, a sharing site devoted to PDF documents. Two were marked “NATO Restricted,” and appear to have been removed from the PDFCast site. I haven’t seen the first two, but The Telegraph described one as a working paper on communications systems used by NATO forces in Afghanistan, and was said to include technical and procurement information. A second concerned a plan to outsource communications for NATO forces stationed in Kosovo. If it sounds exciting, then I have some news for you: It’s not. “Restricted” may sound important

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Anonymous Hacks NATO, Steals Lame Documents

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