/// Stampt Aims to Take the Coffee Shop Punch Card Digital

July 20, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Like many people, I can’t usually be bothered to remember those “Buy 10 get 1 free” cards, even for the shops I frequent. So I was intrigued on Monday to spot a sign at Papalote , my favorite Mission District burrito shop. The sign advertised a new iPhone app called Stampt that allowed me to keep the punch card digitally. After I placed my order, the clerk pulled out a QR code that I could scan giving me one stamp toward a free burrito. Papalote, it turns out had just gotten their materials that day and I was among the first customers. The iPhone app hit Apple’s store last Friday and the service is officially launching this week, I learned after tracking down the company, and its CEO, Brian Kelly Stampt has been quietly signing up merchants since mid-March, aiming to launch with several hundred, at least here in the Bay Area. The company has also signed up a smaller number of merchants in Chicago, New York and Cincinnati

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Stampt Aims to Take the Coffee Shop Punch Card Digital

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