/// Apple Looking at TSMC For A6 Chip

July 15, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Apple’s deteriorating relationship with Samsung has inspired it to seek out alternative manufacturers for its A series chips. Top among them, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. Reuters reports that TSMC has begun trial production of Cupertino’s ARM-based A6 processor, a chip destined for future iOS devices. Whether TSMC wins a commercial contract for the A6 will depend on its yield rate. Either way, it’s looking like Samsung’s acrimonious legal battle with Apple will end up costing it at least a portion of the iPhone maker’s business — but not all of it. Says NH Investment and Securities analyst Seo Won-seok, “It won’t be easy for Apple to dramatically change its chip provider from Samsung … It has to redesign the chipset, which Samsung has been deeply involved in from the beginning and has some intellectual property. Apple could try various suppliers but they [Samsung and Apple] need each other and the relationship will continue.”

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Apple Looking at TSMC For A6 Chip

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