/// Hiring your next rock stars

June 16, 2011  |  Blog

By Colin Glaum

Hiring your next rock stars.

I finished reading “A Whole New Mind” by Dan Pink and I have to say it was one of the more enlightening reads I’ve had in a while. In it, Mr. Pink offers three reasons why the future workforce will be driven by creative thinkers.

1. The continued rise of developing culture and massive populations of India and China.

2. The simplification of many “L-Directional” driven jobs (He defines tasks by whether they use left-brain thinking or right brain thinking. For example occupations that require sequential thinking like being a doctor or a lawyer are examples of left brain or L-Directional thinking) means they are now being outsourced driving the price/value of them lower. And,

3. The computational power of the worlds computers means more and more of these L-Directional jobs can be completely computerized/automated.

His argument builds to say that those that are comfortable absorbing vast stores of data from a variety of sources and then coming up with systemic creative solutions will rule the next workforce. These are skills which can’t be done by computers or are uncomfortable to do for those that have been trained their entire lives to think in a serial manner.

All good news for people trained to be creatives in advertising. People who, by and large, are responsible for digesting vast stores of data about a variety of subjects and then are asked to come up with non-traditional ways of combining that information into something new that allows others to grasp a new concept or idea.

There may be hope for us yet…

Colin is a conceptual problem solver utilizing unconventional marketing tools. Benevolent Mercenaries is his response to the challenges facing the advertising industry today.Follow him @colinglaum

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