/// Federal CIO Kundra Decamps for Green Pastures of Harvard

June 16, 2011  |  All Things Digital

In 2009, the appointment of Vivek Kundra as the first chief information officer of the United State sent a fundamental signal about the values of the then-incoming administration of Barack Obama. As economic and financial crises loomed on every side, America’s technological wizardry, which had made its private sector the envy of the world, would be thoughtfully brought to bear on the grinding, inefficient machinery of government as a way of solving some of the wider problems then coming into focus. Kundra carried a bit of reputation as a wunderkind. Born in New Delhi, reared in Tanzania before moving to the Washington D.C., area, and, fluent in Swahili, Hindi and English, he hit perfectly the mold of the bright young minds marching into Washington after the 2008 election, seeking to cast out the crusty defenders of the seemingly incurable institutional inertia for which the nation’s capital is infamous and leave in its place a government whose parts looked shiny and new. A big problem with the federal government, he said in the final days of the Bush-to-Obama transition, was that “process had trumped outcome.” Complying with the rules made it near-impossible to spur innovation within the halls of government. His brief as he assumed office in early 2009 was to change that. Today he announced plans to step down and take a position at Harvard University, where he will be a joint fellow at at the John F

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Federal CIO Kundra Decamps for Green Pastures of Harvard

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