/// Axelrod, Gillespie Talk Political Ads In Age of Twitter

June 16, 2011  |  Media Week

The speed of technological development these days makes the pace of the presidential election cycle seem absolutely glacial. Last time around, Barack Obama was hailed for his grasp of new media—which included a massive text messaging campaign as a core component of his get-out-the-vote operation. In the age of Twitter, that sort of thing seems ancient. These days, the talk has turned not only to Tweets but to Facebook and ad interactivity. At a roundtable discussion between former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod and former George W. Bush advisor Ed Gillespie (moderated by CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley ) during the Cable Show in Chicago yesterday, the two strategists pondered the political ad in a rapidly transforming media market. “New technologies are going to be helpful,” Axelrod said. “If we have the ability not just to send ads, but to have interactive experiences with them [that’s desirable]. And that’s a feature the Internet offers

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Axelrod, Gillespie Talk Political Ads In Age of Twitter

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