/// Viral Video: D9 Acting CEO Jane Lynch on the "R-Word"

June 9, 2011  |  All Things Digital

“Glee” star Jane Lynch opened the ninth D: All Things Digital conference last week in a terrific bit of stand-up , posing as the acting CEO of News Corp. and making all kinds of comical proclamations. But one thing she thinks should not be made fun of are loaded words that denigrate those with intellectual disabilities, as you will see in this video below that she made with Lauren Potter, one of her colleagues on the hit Fox television show. In this PSA against the use of the R-words–retard and retarded–a comparison is made with racial slurs and it’s effectively jarring to watch. Here it is, along with her opening night appearance at D9 : [ See post to watch video ]

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Viral Video: D9 Acting CEO Jane Lynch on the "R-Word"

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