/// Ad of the Day: MTV Movie Awards

May 31, 2011  |  Media Week

Most stars prepare for the glitz-and-glamour-packed night of the MTV Movie Awards by going to have their teeth cleaned or treating themselves with a trip to the spa. This year's host, Jason Sudeikis, meanwhile, has a different sort of pre-show ritual: creepily stalking the actors nominated for honors at the event. Through the Saturday Night Live cast member's adventures, we discover that Leighton Meester's drug of choice is not, in fact, love, but nitrous oxide, and that Emma Stone drools while on the massage table. An off-camera Shia LaBeouf has a propensity for beating Sudeikis, another skit suggests. Arguably, these are as much promos for the comedian as for this Sunday's gala. The event marks new visibility for the comedian, and will help him promote his own upcoming roles on the big screen, including A Good Old Fashioned Orgy , slated for September. Sudeikis injects some humorous moments into these promos—not the most compelling ad genre—but there's only so much anyone can do with the format. At the end of the day, the spots feature celebrities endorsing themselves, and feel tired and contrived.

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