/// Marc Benioff on Salesforce.com’s "Monster Quarter" and the Road Ahead [NewEnterprise]

May 20, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Salesforce.com reported an impressive quarter. Sales surged by 34% as the company added more than 5,000 new customers. The bigger news was that CEO Marc Benioff announced that the company is on pace to see revenue north of $2.1 billion this year. That gave shares in Salesforce an exuberant pop in after-hours trading yesterday. Naturally Benioff appeared on CNBC’s “Mad Money” after the results were announced to talk about what’s powering. Cramer’s an admitted fan of Salesforce, and Benioff is something of a regular on the show. In the clip below, Benioff explains the basics of Salesforce’s cloud strategy and even riffs a bit on the social enterprise. To Cramer’s audience I think Salesforce.com just became the company that best personifies cloud computing. It’s worth a watch. And Benioff makes his case well that Salesforce is disrupting the business software world left, right and center. My only question is how much longer can it go on like this?

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Marc Benioff on Salesforce.com’s "Monster Quarter" and the Road Ahead [NewEnterprise]

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