/// Netflix’s Slow Move to Android Highlights Developer Challenge [Mobilized]

May 13, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Netflix announced on Thursday that the service is finally making its debut on Android , months after it arrived for the iPhone . And, even now, it will only be available on five Android models. It highlights the challenges that many developers face when looking to support Android. If a developer managed to support five iPhone models, they would support all the existing models and one that hasn’t even been released yet. To fully support Android, though, developers have to make sure their app runs on hundreds of devices spanning multiple processors, several versions of the operating system as well as a number of different screen sizes, to name just some of the challenges. Google took some steps to make life a bit easier for developers this week, announcing at its developer conference that it has launched a program to create common Android accessories and a separate effort to convince hardware makers and operators to continue upgrading Android devices to the latest versions of the operating system. Netflix, for its part, announced its app will work on four HTC phones as well as the Samsung-made Nexus S

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Netflix’s Slow Move to Android Highlights Developer Challenge [Mobilized]

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