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April 7, 2011  |  All Things Digital

500 Startups–Dave McClure’s seed fund, accelerator program, communal office and yes, he dares call it an “incubator”–today held its first open house to show off 22 young companies. In attendance were many of the same angelic faces that showed up to Y Combinator’s Demo Day two weeks ago and AngelPad’s Demo Day last week. 500 Startups’ tone is more whimsical than the earnest hacker vibe of its peers; McClure, known as much for his swearing as his investing, encouraged attendees to heckle presenters, and presenters to roll with the hiccups in their presentation slides, and they did. 500 Startups participants told me that their group as a whole is more focused on consumers and less focused on advertising business models than other young start-ups. But they are not all that unique of snowflakes: for instance, Spoondate sounds just like Grubwithus in Y Combinator’s most recent class. Not to say that helping users make new friends by arranging dinner dates at restaurants–as both companies do–is a bad idea. In chats with participating companies, the infographic building and sharing tool Visual.ly was mentioned multiple times as one of the most promising companies in the bunch

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500 Startups Sends 22 of Them Into the World [NetworkEffect]

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