/// Sean Parker’s Relationship Status: Engaged [NetworkEffect]

April 5, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Rest in peace, Valleywag. Remember when Silicon Valley gossip was so boring it couldn’t sustain a Gawker blog? Now People.com is breaking the news of Sean Parker’s engagement. Parker recently proposed to Alexandra Lenas, a New York-based singer/songwriter, “his rep” told People. Parker, popularly known for being played by Justin Timberlake in “The Social Network,” has something like a four percent stake in Facebook, meaning the -illions to his name begin with a b. Parker is credited, both in fictional and non-fictional retellings of the story, for helping Mark Zuckerberg retain lasting control of Facebook. Parker has also played significant roles at Napster, Plaxo, Causes.com, Founders Fund and Spotify, and may be considering putting together a bid for Warner Music Group .

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Sean Parker’s Relationship Status: Engaged [NetworkEffect]

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