/// Verizon’s LTE Network for Voice [Mossberg’s Mailbox]

March 31, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Q: I live in an area where the cellular voice service is very poor. I was going to buy the Verizon ThunderBolt LTE phone since the network map indicates I am in the LTE (4G) coverage area, so I thought my call problems would be over with. But based on your article, it sounds like my voice calls would remain the same. Do you have any insight as to when voice will move to LTE? A: As I noted in the column, Verizon is using its fast new LTE 4G network for data only. It still routes voice calls over its older networks, which are highly rated for voice, but work poorly for you

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Verizon’s LTE Network for Voice [Mossberg’s Mailbox]

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