/// Here’s the Goodbye, Groupon COO Rob Solomon Email, Plus a What-Update [BoomTown]

March 23, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Dear Grouponistas, In the future, as Yahoos so kindly do, please forward all important internal communications directly to BoomTown. It’s easier than me waiting hours to receive a fat pile of them from those who shall not be named. Just sayin’! Such as the “God’s Country” email sent out by Groupon CEO Andrew Mason about the departure of its COO and President Rob Solomon after only a year at the social buying phenom. Solomon’s leaving was reported here earlier today and the email is below in its entirety. According to sources, the leaving was a combination of issues, including the Solomon’s family’s desire to move back to Silicon Valley from Chicago–which is referenced in the email below. But sources said the bigger reason was a growing feeling by Mason and its board that the former Yahoo exec was not the right person to lead the social buying company into its next phase of growth. Source added that the search for a replacement for Solomon has been going on for some time, as Groupon has also been contemplating an IPO. “Groupon needs a ‘Sheryl Sandberg’ type to take it to the next level, since the business is so complex,” said one person, referring to the well-regarded COO of Facebook, who joined CEO and Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg at the social networking giant after working in a top operating job at Google. Here is Mason’s email, which is–as usual–cleverly written, as you will see: From: Andrew Mason Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 6:15 PM Subject: Rob Solomon/COO To: International Email List Hi everyone, Rob Solomon joined Groupon just over a year ago, doing what he once considered unimaginable and relocating his family from “God’s Country” in Woodside, CA to Chicago, bringing his experience as a seasoned Internet executive to help us turn Groupon into the next great technology company. Now, Rob is moving on, taking his family back to God’s Country.

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Here’s the Goodbye, Groupon COO Rob Solomon Email, Plus a What-Update [BoomTown]

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