/// Now Open: Amazon Appstore Launches With 3,800 Apps for Android [eMoney]

March 22, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Amazon has officially launched the Android Appstore, a potential iTunes equivalent for Android. The company–whose roots are in e-commerce and not mobile–aspires to merchandise and sell apps better than Google does on its own platform. And, potentially as well as Apple, which up until now has been the shining star in mobile. Beginning tonight, the Appstore will be accessible online at amazon.com/appstore . Android owners will also be able to download a version of the store to their handset. The store will support hundreds of mobile operators and hardware manufacturers. Amazon has been recruiting developers since at least January to convince them to get on board with the venture. Initially, users will have access to a catalog of 3,800 applications. While selling apps is not a particular stretch for the company since it already dabbles in a lot of digital content, like music and e-books, working with mobile developers is not exactly a home run since their time and attention is fragmented among so many competing stores and platforms.

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Now Open: Amazon Appstore Launches With 3,800 Apps for Android [eMoney]

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