/// Trying to Define the Opportunity for Commerce on Facebook [eMoney]

March 19, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Earlier this week, we wrote about how Payvment had launched a Facebook Mall , where consumers can shop among 50,000 retailers and add items to a single shopping cart. The day the mall went live, Payvment said its customers’ sales quadrupled, compared to sales when they were limited to a shopping tab on their individual fan pages. Now, Payvment’s competitor, Adgregate Markets , which also helps brands build storefronts on Facebook, is releasing data that helps define the size of the opportunity for e-commerce on Facebook. In a study , conmmissioned by Adgregate and conducted with the help of Webtrends, it looked at the impact of Facebook fan pages on traditional e-commerce sites. To be sure, the idea of social commerce is so new, it’s difficult to give too much weight to early studies like these, but because everything on the topic is unknown, it’s worth taking the data into consideration.

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Trying to Define the Opportunity for Commerce on Facebook [eMoney]

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