/// False Alarm: Google Circles Not Coming Now, And Probably Not Ever [NetworkEffect]

March 13, 2011  |  All Things Digital

When a report emerged this morning of a new social network focused on nuanced sharing called Google Circles, the company said it was not launching anything this week at SXSW. But such a product is not even under development, according to the people supposedly developing it. Google’s Chris Messina, who had been pegged as one of the leaders of Circles, told me directly today that he “didn’t know what [the story] was talking about.” He and others from Google, speaking with NetworkEffect at a Google developer event in Austin, said the company is not launching its own social network. Not today, and not anytime soon. (Messina is pictured here in the T-shirt he is actually wearing today, which says “I’m feeling social.”) Yes, Google is thinking about how to better understand the subtleties of social relationships, and may build such functionality into its various products as it makes them more social, said Messina and others. But no, Circles is not a product currently in development. Tim O’Reilly, the technology thought leader, had seemingly confirmed the existence of Circles by tweeting “I’ve seen google circles, and it looks awesome” after ReadWriteWeb published a description this morning. O’Reilly later deleted the tweet and clarified to NetworkEffect via email, “It’s not a product, per se, and it’s not a new social network. Just some research-y thinking about how you could better manage social data. Exactly what Chris said. I got fooled by the RWW story into thinking that they’d turned it into something they were going to announce. There’s no story here. Just some labs stuff.” After the ReadWriteWeb report came out, Google rebutted “We’re not launching any products at SXSW.” But the comment seemed to be about the timing of such a launch, not the product itself. And with so much anticipation around whatever Google does in social, a non-denial seemed almost confirmation.

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False Alarm: Google Circles Not Coming Now, And Probably Not Ever [NetworkEffect]

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