Round 1 Complete: TV Apps, Content and the Viewer Experience

/// Round 1 Complete: TV Apps, Content and the Viewer Experience

February 28, 2011  |  Blog

By Andrew Halley

The leading names from the world of social media and interactive TV came together on Thursday evening at the Crosby Street Hotel in Soho for the first Talk NYC event of 2011.

Among the speakers were such tech luminaries as Dina Kaplan, former reporter and co-founder of, Jeff Litvack, General Manager of Global Product Development at the Associated Press and Aaron Mcnally, head of sales at Google TV Ads.

Talking in front of a full a house, the speakers enlightened the audience on the changing world of TV as it heads towards a technological merging with the internet and social media.

Opening proceedings and setting the tone for the evening, Chris Cunningham, CEO of appssavvy, said “We should expect a lot of evolution and change coming to how we see advertising on our TVs.”

Alex Simon, a media strategist at the NHL, explained what his organisation was doing to capture the crossover audience, providing a detailed insight into their highly successful tiered app that has, in the words of Simon, “helped us grow our audience by orders of magnitude.”

Next up was Aaron McNally who was characteristically enthusiastic about the Google TV platform, capturing its current novelty perfectly with the line “The coolest thing about Google TV is that we don’t know what the coolest thing about GoogleTV is yet.” Echoing the sentiment of Cunningham before him, McNally explained how advertising is about to change on our TV screens: “For a single program, a different ad will go to you than to your neighbor.”

Jeff Litvack took the stage accompanied by a rather more pessimistic air, insisting that “We have a lot to do before it happens… the idea of connected TV has been around since the 1980s,” and “Technology is the biggest challenge… we need interactive devices, today’s technology is too fragmented.”

Alex Iskold, founder and CEO of Getglue, shattered Litvack’s pessimism with his success story, one that he thinks proves “the convergence of TV and the internet is a no brainer, it’s going to happen.” Getglue’s ‘check in’ feature is much more than just a gimmick it would appear, Iskold sees it as “the first step, the first gesture in interactive TV,” and one that “incentivizes tuning in.”

Dina Kaplan closed out proceedings, herself being at the helm of’s foray into the new arena of interactive TV since the company’s inception in 2005. One of the most enthusiastic and informative speakers on the night, Kaplan is in no doubt that social TV is coming and that it’s going to revolutionize our viewing experience for the better: “We will see storytelling change, from being top down and linear to being much more interactive; producers and writers will listen to their audience.”

Thanks to everyone who attended Round 1 of Talk NYC, we hope to see you all at Round 2 in May!

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