/// Booyah Announces Upcoming GPS-Based DJ-ing Game [Voices]

February 27, 2011  |  All Things Digital

By Drake Martinet and Erik Silk Booyah Games recently announced their latest upcoming game for the Apple iOS platform: Nightclub City DJ Rivals. The game will involve battling other DJs both within the game and played by other users, to stake claims in the real and virtual worlds. In an interview, founder and CEO Keith Lee called it “the first rhythm-based role-playing game for mobile devices.” Lee confirmed that the game has been submitted to Apple for approval, but could not say when the game would actually be live in the app store. Booyah is no stranger to location-base gaming: Their most popular game, MyTown, involves buying and owning real-life locations in a virtual world. It has 3.3 million players. DJ Rivals marks the San Francisco-based company’s first new release since becoming Google’s first partner in the “Places Web Service” of the Google Maps API, last year. While this won’t be the first DJ-ing game released on the iPhone, it certainly will be the only one to use location and check-in technology for would-be scratchers. The character that you build in the single-player mode can be used to challenge other DJs for a given real-world territory. “The coolest part about it is that only one person can be king of the hill,” said Lee. “The more that people are fighting for that location, the value of that location will go up, and that means if you’re the king of that location, you can earn more money for your character.” The game’s subject matter may have something to do with Lee’s hobby–moonlighting as a house DJ. DJ Rivals is a spinoff of Booyah’s Nightclub City, a popular Facebook game released last spring. That game has featured the music of Grammy-winning artists such as Keith Urban and Miri Ben-Ari, and actually served as an interface for the musicians to interact with their fans. DJ Rivals will likely work in a similar capacity. “Our priority is to focus on the story-driven mode, but we do plan to insert and add real artists and DJs, Lee said. Below is the latest preview of the game:

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Booyah Announces Upcoming GPS-Based DJ-ing Game [Voices]

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