/// Liveblogging Demand Media’s (and Richard Rosenblatt’s) First Earnings Call: The Avocado Difference! [BoomTown]

February 22, 2011  |  All Things Digital

BoomTown always enjoys the maiden voyage of a newly public company, so liveblogging Demand Media’s first quarterly earnings seems like a must-do. It’s also the first public outing for CEO Richard Rosenblatt, who has sold off his previous entrepreneurial efforts. And it seems like a good start, as the Santa Monica, Calif.-based online content company, which had its IPO in late January , finally out to rest some controversy about how much is actually earns by posting $1 million in net income in the last three months of 2010. Okay, that is a weensy amount, to be sure, but it beat expectations, as well as for revenue, with sales of $73.6 million for the quarter, Of course, Demand wants Wall Street to look at “Adjusted OIBDA” results, which was up 88 percent, and which it is a much prettier $20.1 million in earnings. Also on deck, as MediaMemo’s Peter Kakfa noted today : “Expect to hear at least one riff on whether or not the company feels threatened by Google and changes the search engine is making to push “content farms” out of its results. CEO Richard Rosenblatt insists that his company is not a content farm, and that Google is just fine with his stuff , but I have a feeling the issue won’t go away just yet.” We’ll see–here we go: 2:05 pm PT: It took me a bit to get into this conference call, since I could not get the Web site at all and the teleconference operators were snoozing. And I tuned in just as Rosenblatt (pictured here) is talking about how Demand was helping people get information about how to ripen avocados. No, really . (Memo to self: Curb the snotty journalist tone, especially since I love me a good, ripe avocado.) Rosenblatt, who seems only a little nervous presses on talking about its massive eHow site, as well as Cracked.com and other major brands. The latest is TypeF women’s health and beauty site, which is guided by supermodel Tyra Banks. Rosenblatt then linked it all to advertisers and how much they want to spend on sites like this. “We are not limited to just a few key verticals,” he said, touting its sales staff, including Rosenblatt’s daring raid of Chief Revenue Officer Joanne Bradford from Yahoo. “The company is well positioned to capture an increasing share of brand revenue,” said Rosenblatt. 2:18 pm: Rosenblatt then zeroed in on the juicy issues, which center around the quality of the content Demand churns out

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Liveblogging Demand Media’s (and Richard Rosenblatt’s) First Earnings Call: The Avocado Difference! [BoomTown]

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