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Jeff Litvack

Jeffrey Litvack is the General Manager, Global Product Development for the Associated Press.  Jeff is responsible for identifying and assessing new revenue opportunities for the AP worldwide.  Under Jeff’s leadership, the AP launched the AP Mobile news network (the first iPhone news application), AP World Cup Soccer Application, AP Top25 Football application, White-label applications, and AP Mobile Stylebook.  AP’s mobile applications have received numerous accolades including being named the “Best in News” mobile application by The New York Times, a Top 10 iPhone App for 2008 by Time Magazine, and was nominated for a Webby Award.  Today over seven million registered users from more than 200 countries utilize the AP Mobile applications and revenue has grown to over $2 million (more than 10x fold growth in the last year).

In addition to AP’s mobile applications, Jeff oversees the development of AP’s emerging platforms including, tablets (iPad), SmartTVs (internet connected news applications), desktop readers, and games.  The applications are breaking new ground in the digital entertainment space by allowing consumers to simultaneously access breaking news from across the world anywhere anytime on any device.

Previously, Jeff served as the Executive Director at the Museum of Television & Radio, where he sourced, negotiated, and executed online video partnerships with leading-edge technology companies specializing in digitization, storage, retrieval, and rights management.  Prior to MT&R, Jeff was with Yack, Inc., the “TV Guide to the Web” as the Head of Business Development and Strategic Planning and was responsible for expanding the company’s core product to include new forms of online programming (e.g. webcasts, video-on demand, online radio, etc).

Jeff is highly regarded for his visionary knowledge of converging media platforms and channels and has spoken at numerous industry conferences, including the keynote at JupiterMedia Mobile Marketing & Content and Nokia Developer Summit, as a panelist for CTIA, Digital Hollywood, IPTV World Forum, Mobile Advertising 2008, and the IAB Leadership Forum on Mobile.  As an industry leader he serves as an advisor to emerging companies including Verve Wireless and Jeff was the recipient of the 2009 Service Excellence Awards from the IAB.  Jeff is also the author of several published works in such publications as Mobile Marketer, IAB Mobile Buyer’s Guide, HFMA’s Managing the Margins, and Advanced Magazine.

Jeff holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business where he graduated summa cum laude.  He is the proud father of 3 year old Madison Litvack and 1 year Maximillian Litvack.

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