/// All Humans Bow Before the Mighty Watson, Master of Jeopardy! [NewEnterprise]

February 17, 2011  |  All Things Digital

That whooshing sound you just heard may have been the passing of an age. As has happened in chess, checkers and backgammon before it, the best player of a game invented by humans is no longer a human at all, but a computer that plays better. Now add “Jeopardy” to that list. In the third episode of the nationally televised publicity stunt put on by IBM (and as publicity stunts go, I’ll grant this one has been mightily entertaining) ultimately prevailed over two of the game’s human champions. The final score for tonight’s game was $44,131 for Watson, $19,200 for Ken Jennings and $11,200 for Brad Rutter. Total scores over two days of play was $77,147 for Watson, $21,600 for Rutter and $24,000 for Jennings. The humans however, didn’t go down without a fight. After Watson scored early on what looked like six question in a row Jennings who had lagged in the first game, rallied spectacularly, racking up a decent score on questions that Watson seemed to struggle with in the category of “Actors Who Direct” and on one about what you call a section of of newspaper that’s added within the folds. (Answer: What is an insert?) The score at the first break: Watson $4,200, Jennings $3,400, Rutter, $600. During the second segment it got really interesting. Jennings managed to pull ahead and in so doing probably made some IBM executives sweat in the process. That “Actors who Direct” category continued to trouble Watson who didn’t hit the buzzer as often. Jennings pulled ahead on another question concerning newspapers and then hit a Daily Double, and answered correctly with a wager of $3,600 that doubled his score to $7,200 and giving him the first human lead of the entire match

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All Humans Bow Before the Mighty Watson, Master of Jeopardy! [NewEnterprise]

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