/// Mobile World Congress Notebook: Battle of the Behemoth Booths [Mobilized]

February 16, 2011  |  All Things Digital

For those who have never been to Mobile World Congress , it is hard to fully describe the scale of Barcelona’s giant cell phone convention. While the Consumer Electronics Show and other big events feature acres of tiny booths crammed one against another, Mobile World Congress features a different kind of bigness. The show is spread out over eight big buildings in a historic area of town. Every couple of buildings are set several flights of stairs up from the last one, with the final two buildings just a stone’s throw from the grand National Palace. Connecting the buildings and lining the promenade between them are various smaller trailers and bungalows. Unlike the cramped booths of CES, the spread-out nature of Mobile World Congress allows even moderate-size companies a good amount of space to show their wares. Even those with bungalows outside a main hall stand a good chance of attracting visitors. Companies that went with that approach included Acer and INQ Mobile, which was touting its new Android phone with quick access to Facebook and Spotify . That said, some folks’ presence at Mobile World Congress is clearly bigger than others. One booth that stands out is Google’s first-ever Android booth, tucked in the corner of Hall 8, just inside the entrance. The two-story pavilion features many of Google’s partners showing Android applications, as well as a place to create one’s own Android mini-me, plus a sushi bar-style conveyor belt featuring the many phone and tablet designs based around the Google operating system.

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Mobile World Congress Notebook: Battle of the Behemoth Booths [Mobilized]

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