/// Can Social Media Change the Film Marketing Game? Kevin Smith Thinks So

January 31, 2011  |  Blog, Uncategorized

Has social media reached a point where a filmmaker can successfully release a movie without using the traditional distribution channels? That’s one of the questions that filmmaker Kevin Smith will attempt to answer with the release of Red State, his latest film. Made for $4 million, Smith did not want to go the traditional route of auctioning the film to a studio that would, in turn, pump tens of millions of dollars into advertising the film, thus making it harder for the film to turn a profit. So instead Smith announced at Sundance that he plans on cutting deals with theater owners himself and then using Twitter and other social media to get his fans in the seats.

Clearly, having an established and loyal fanbase gives Smith advantages that most filmmakers don’t have. But if Smith is successful he could create another area where social media is challenging an established system. In fact, Smith’s next movie, Hit Somebody, will be his last. Afterwards he plans on focusing on his distribution company which aims at helping independent filmmakers get their films to their audiences without going through Hollywood.

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