/// Seeing Triple Zuckerbergs (Including the Real One) on SNL [NetworkEffect]

January 30, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Good thing Mark Zuckerberg’s got that whole other career going, cause he can’t hold a straight face for a millisecond. What he can successfully do is go on “ Saturday Night Live ” and be a good sport, appearing alongside two men who have played and parodied him: “The Social Network” actor Jesse Eisenberg and SNL’s Andy Samberg. Here’s the clip from tonight’s show: Without Aaron Sorkin writing his dialogue, the real Zuckerberg is lacking in zingers. His review of “The Social Network”: “It was… interesting.” “That guy’s like my evil twin and that’s just Andy Samberg,” Zuckerberg tells SNL creator Lorne Michaels while being mock-sequestered backstage. “Those guys are such nerds… C’mon, I invented poking.” Meanwhile Eisenberg admits, for all the sticklers in the room (and one of them in particular), “I wasn’t really ‘doing’ Mark Zuckerberg; I was interpreting a fictional character in a movie script.” Please see the disclosure about Facebook in my ethics statement .

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Seeing Triple Zuckerbergs (Including the Real One) on SNL [NetworkEffect]

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