/// BlackBerries Hit With Nationwide E-mail Outage [Mobilized]

January 29, 2011  |  All Things Digital

BlackBerry addicts across the country awoke on Saturday to find their devices having major issues when trying to get e-mail over non-corporate networks. The issue started being resolved by Noon ET, according to a spokesman for Verizon, though all carriers were affected by this issue, the spokesman said. (Verizon had a carrier-specific issue earlier in the week where some of its users were seeing delays in BlackBerry e-mail.) Saturday’s problem appears not to have affected those whose companies have their own BlackBerry servers, but did affect individual users that get e-mail via RIM’s Internet-based mail servers. Various Blackberry users reported the issues, including on BlackBerry’s support forums and various enthusiast sites . Reasearch In Motion representatives did not return e-mail seeking comment.

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BlackBerries Hit With Nationwide E-mail Outage [Mobilized]

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