/// Connecticut Won’t Press for Google WiSpy Data, Looks to Settle [Digital Daily]

January 28, 2011  |  All Things Digital

“Verifying Google’s data snare is crucial to assessing a penalty and assuring no repeat. Consumers and businesses expect and deserve a full explanation, as well as measures shielding them from future spying. We will scrupulously safeguard the confidentiality of information we review. “We will fight to compel Google to come clean–granting my office access to improperly collected materials and protecting confidentiality, as the company has done in Canada and elsewhere.” – Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Dec. 10, 2010 Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen has reassessed the need to review the consumer data inadvertently harvested by Google’s Street View cars and determined that it’s not quite as crucial as his predecessor claimed. Jepsen said Friday that his office will enter into settlement negotiations with the company without reviewing the pilfered data, which Google has steadfastly refused to share with it. Under the terms of the deal between the two, Connecticut will drop the civil investigative demand it was using to force Google to produce the data at issue here, and Google will stipulate to collecting and storing it. It will also stipulate that the data collected included confidential and private information like “partial or complete e-mail communications.” “This is a good result for the people of Connecticut,” Jepsen said in a statement . “The stipulation means we can proceed to negotiate a settlement of the critical privacy issues implicated here without the need for a protracted and costly fight in the courts, although we are ready to do so if we are unable to come to a satisfactory agreement through negotiation.” PREVIOUSLY Well, Hell, If I Knew All I Had to Do Was Seize the Hard Drives… Look, Sergey, a Christmas Card From the Connecticut AG! Wait… Google Street View Privacy Debacle Far From Over FTC Closes Google Street View Probe Google CEO Apologizes for Street View Schmidtstorm Google CEO’s Advice to the Street-View Shy: The Video Schmidt: Don’t Like Google Street View Photographing Your House? Then Move. Mr. Schmidt, There’s an Inspector Lestrade on Line One State AGs to Probe Google’s “Deeply Disturbing Invasion” of Wi-Fi Data No Harm, Big Foul: Google Intercepted Passwords and Email Extracts Germany Questions Google’s Data “Mistake” Google Street View Cars Collected Wi-Fi User Data for Three Years

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Connecticut Won’t Press for Google WiSpy Data, Looks to Settle [Digital Daily]

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