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January 21, 2011  |  All Things Digital

On any other day, so significant a shake-up on the board of directors of a Silicon Valley company as eminent as Hewlett-Packard would easily have been the lead story. That it took a management shift at the top of Google to overshadow it seems somehow appropriate. The various boardroom dramas that have roiled HP’s directors during the last decade have often overshadowed HP itself. Last August’s blowup involving the departure of CEO Mark Hurd following accusations of sexual harassment occurred against the backdrop of lingering memories of the 2006 scandal involving the use of illegal methods to spy on journalists that ended the tenures of three HP directors. Before that there was a public fight against HP’s 2002 acquisition of Compaq, led by dissident director Walter Hewlett, who eventually lost his seat. The Compaq deal ultimately cost Carly Fiorina her job at HP after a boardroom confrontation in 2005. The result of all this is that boardroom drama has become something of an HP specialty, along with printers, computers and IT services. Criticizing the board’s actions has become something of a sport, with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison serving as the most public practitioner. Shareholders appeared to agree that a change was overdue. HP shares shot up right away as word of a shake-up began to leak right before markets closed yesterday. HP shares closed up one percent today, trading at levels not seen since before Hurd’s abrupt departure in August

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Is This the HP Board That Will Allow Us to Stop Thinking About HP’s Board? [NewEnterprise]

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