/// LIVE: Google Explains Why Larry Page Is CEO [MediaMemo]

January 20, 2011  |  All Things Digital

Google is about to kick off its quarterly earnings call, but a whole lot of people are going to more interested in people, not profits, today. That’s because Google is moving Eric Schmidt out of his CEO job, to be replaced by cofounder Larry Page. So you can expect at least some of the upcoming call to focus on the management shift. It’s possible that Google won’t bring either Schmidt or Page into the call — in recent calls, they’ve been keeping Schmidt off the phone, ostensibly to “focus” the event on financials. But it’s hard to imagine they won’t want to use the opportunity to convince investors that the company will be in good hands under Page’s watch. I’ll be covering the call live here: On the call: Schmidt, Page, and the rest of the usual earnings call cast: CFO Patrick Pichette, product SVP Jonathan Rosenberg, and sales boss Nikesh Arora. Schmidt: Larry, Sergey and I spent a lot of time talking about how to run everything. After a “long series of conversations”, decided to change things up.

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LIVE: Google Explains Why Larry Page Is CEO [MediaMemo]

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