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December 31, 2010  |  2011

Michael Keany
CEO, Code and Theory

Throughout his career, Michael Keany has worked at the intersection of technology and customer experience.

His clients have ranged from the G1000 to venture-backed startups. Michael brings strong operational and business development responsibilities and has brought his extensive expertise in the media, interactive marketing, e-business, and publishing sectors to bear for clients like Vogue, The Daily Beast, FoxSports, Columbia Business School, Comcast, and many others.

As CEO of Code and Theory, a digital design and innovation firm, Michael focuses his time on firm strategy, culture, and market development.

Prior to joining Code and Theory. Michael was responsible for defining, selling, and delivering strategic services and leading both the NY and London offices for design firm Method.

Earlier Michael was SVP, Strategic Services for Schematic where he established the practice, integrating it into an expanded go-to-market strategy.

Earlier, Michael was VP Customer Success for VisiblePath, a KPCB backed enterprise social-networking SaaS product company.

Michael’s product and services background also includes previous executive and managerial positions at Booz·Allen, Viant, Seer Technologies, Cognizant, and General Electric.

Michael has a master’s degree in Technology Management from Columbia University and a BSC in Environmental Studies.

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