/// Pen Computing Backers Hope to Write New Chapter with Android [Mobilized]

December 20, 2010  |  All Things Digital

Pen computing seems to be on the wane with the rise of the decidedly stylus-free iPad. However, those that maintain that the pen is mightier than the finger aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. N-Trig , a company whose technology is used in many touch-based Windows laptops, now hopes to convince Android tablet makers to embrace the notion of pen support. By doing so, N-trig maintains companies can stand out from the pack and make their tablets good for content creation in addition to Web browsing and media viewing. The company plans to announce as early as Tuesday that its DuoSense technology, which allows for both pen and multitouch input, now supports Android. N-trig said it expects next year to bring several Android tablets using its technology, with at least one shipping in the first half of next year. In an interview with Mobilized , N-Trig Vice President Gary Baum said that adding support for a pressure-sensitive pen like N-Trig’s adds about $50 to the cost of the device, but offers advantages like pressure sensitivity and sub-pixel accuracy. But adding that support–even if companies make the pen an option–could help them avoid getting lost in the pack and becoming “just another Android slate.” Whether users value a pen any more on an Android tablet than they have on Windows remains to be seen, however

Pen Computing Backers Hope to Write New Chapter with Android [Mobilized]

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