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December 17, 2010  |  All Things Digital

Todd McKinnon saw the first phase of the cloud computing revolution close-up. He joined Salesforce.com as its head of engineering in 2003 and saw firsthand how companies mistrusted the idea of using software they didn’t run on their own computers in their own buildings, but instead trusted to someone else. Over time, CIOs everywhere got over their skepticism of the cloud, and Salesforce.com went on to become a billion-dollar company that is widely used in numerous industries. But he knew there was more to it. Lots of other small companies where adapting the Salesforce software-as-a-service model for other job functions besides tracking sales relationships. There’s SuccessFactors, which tracks employee performance, and Workday, which manages basic company operations like payroll and benefits. For companies large and small that are embracing the cloud, that’s a lot to manage. McKinnon’s plan with Okta, a start-up company that’s received investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Floodgate and SV Angel, is to make it easy for companies to take advantage of cloud applications and services, by giving them a single place from which to manage it all. I caught up with McKinnon last week in Menlo Park, Calif., at the Sand Hill Road offices of Andreessen Horowtiz , which in July invested $10 million in Okta, its first cloud investment . The company is planning a big launch in January. NewEnterprise: So your last job was at Salesforce.com, but it led directly to you starting Okta. Tell me about that. Todd McKinnon: I went to Salesforce at the time their engineering team was really small. Their engineering team was only about 10 or 15 people. They brought me in to be the first non-founder VP of engineering. They wanted me to scale the company and scale the group. NE: So you got into Salesforce early, and things look pretty good over there now.

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Meet Todd McKinnon, CEO Of Cloud Management Start-Up Okta [NewEnterprise]

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