/// Start-Up Uses "Virtualization" to Defend Against Cyber Attacks [Voices]

December 15, 2010  |  All Things Digital

By Scott Denne, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal Invincea Inc. is using virtualization to help companies plug holes in their cyber-security defenses and fend off threats before they become well known. The company, backed by Grotech Ventures and New Atlantic Ventures, sells software that builds a virtual environment for running a Web browser or PDF reader, so that in the case of a malware attack, the virtual environment can be shut down without the malware ever coming into contact with the operating system of a computer or the corporate network. It identifies malware based on behavior, rather than the signature-based approach used by anti-virus programs, enabling it to detect malware that it has never seen before. Once malware is detected, the secure environment shuts down and reloads malware-free, the company says. It also shares the details about attacks with intrusion-prevention devices on the network. Read the rest of this post on the original site

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Start-Up Uses "Virtualization" to Defend Against Cyber Attacks [Voices]

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