/// Media is Earned, Not Bought

November 29, 2010  |  Blog

By Thierry Daher

2010 has brought us so far a true convergence between the real and the virtual — something that is forcing advertisers and agencies to rethink their marketing, reinvent their model and integrate real-time social media into both offline and online efforts. In short they are forced to innovate or disappear.
At this point, evolution is mandatory (and rather urgent) for those that don’t wish to fall behind their own “consum’actors,” particularly because technology is changing so fast. The way technology is being absorbed into the mainstream is also drastically changing demand and, with that, business models. Just look at how the film, music, telephone and publishing industries have been shaken over the last few years. We went from a model of static unilateral communication (sending a ONE SHEET
CONT….message to a target demographic via a given one-way medium) that had not changed in 50 years or so to an attention and reputation economy in which consumers decide if they want to listen to, repeat, modify or respond to your message. Media is earned, not bought (sorry, I know it hurts ;).
The brands with the most perceptive evolution and the capacity to reinvent their communication model will come out on top; those trapped in the comfort of their dying habits will, like the fated Titanic, hit a wall and be submerged. In this revolution, agencies can either chose to lead the pack with creativity and innovation, coupled with the capacity to measure and extracts sense from the vast amounts of data now available online, or let the train pass and disappear.
It is now time for the Agency 2.0 to emerge.


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